Installation of a packaging production machine equipped with a zip cap in Aylincom Azar company

The packaging production machine equipped with a zip cap, with the possibility of packaging all kinds of products in the form of powder, granules or liquids, was installed in the second phase of Aylincom Azar company with the brand of Pedram packaging industries affiliated to Pamin industrial group.
This device, which was purchased from a reputable Chinese packaging industry company, was installed and commissioned in the last few days by the specialists of this company in the second phase of Aylin Com Azar Company in Salimi Industrial Town of Tabriz.
This line is one of the largest machines for producing plastic packaging envelopes, which has a zip cap installation system and a simultaneous bagging and sorting system.
Qomesti, the production capacity of this unit will be used to supply packaging items for Pamin Industrial Group’s products, and its empty capacity will be used for services for other food industry production units.

Pedram Packaging Industries will produce flexible packaging for agricultural products and food industries, envelopes with windows with the possibility of zippers.

Window envelopes are also called standing envelopes because they have the ability to stand alone and have a good display on the store shelf.

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